Get sdnpwn

The latest version of sdnpwn can be found on Github.

Now available on BlackArch Linux!

Getting Started

The basic usage of sdnpwn is like so:

An article introducing sdnpwn and it’s basic usage can be found here.

Module Cheatsheet

Functionality in sdnpwn is separated into different modules. Each module is responsible for a particular attack or action. See below for example usage of each module.


  • arpmon
  • sdn-detect
  • controller-detect
  • of-scan


  • help
  • mods
  • info
  • system


  • lfa-relay
  • lfa-scapy
  • lldp-replay
  • host-location-hijack
  • of-switch
  • of-gen
  • onos-app
  • onos-app-upload
  • floodlight-debug-autopwn
  • dp-arp-poison
  • dp-mitm
  • phantom-host-scan
  • phantom-storm